Edward Lehman

In loving memory of a great Scouter, inspired teacher, and loyal friend. 

Edward Lehman

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Chaplain Ed served Scouting for over 45 years as a Scoutmaster, Lodge Advisor, Troop Chaplain, and many other positions. In the time he served the Troop as Chaplain, he was my mentor, advisor, role model, and mostly a true friend, who I could depend on. In this world, there are literally thousands of young men, and older men, who are better Scouts, Scouters, citizens, and just better people because of Ed's influence on them. Ed was a true leader, who knew how to motivate young people, and they admired him for his inner strength and capabilities. As Troop Chaplain, he exemplified the meaning of the 12th point of the Scout Law: "A Scout is Reverent." Ed came to camp to give his inspirational sermons, and serve as an example to all -- Scout and Scouter. We will all miss his wisdom, and guidance, but we will remember him with affection and with a smile. We were all blessed to have him with us for the time we did, and I will always be grateful for that.

Joseph Acquafredda
Troop 240, GNYC


I remember Ed fondly as an expert Scout with a wealth of wisdom and the driest sense of humor I have ever known. He had a wonderful way with the boys (and made a great impression on my son) and added so much to the wealth of the Troop as our Chaplain. I am sorry I knew him for just a short time but feel so privileged to have known him at all.

Ellen Beltran 


Our dear friends Edward and Faye Lehman have enriched our lives for many years with their sincere love of Scouting and aiding our Scouts toward a better understanding of the Scouting Movement with love of God and Country. He was a personal friend of ours for nearly twenty years and always exuded his true commitment to promoting the principles of our organization. As he accompanied us to hikes and summer camp, he brought to us the enthusiasm toward each other, and his sermons were awaited with great anticipation as we closed each meeting. He will always be remembered and missed by everyone.

With sincere affection,
Andy and Eva Stratford. 


I never knew Ed Lehman as intimately as some others in the Troop -- such as SM Joe Acquafredda or the Stratfords -- had known him. My relationship with him was more akin to that of a 12 year old: I marveled at his wondrous stories and bold adventures of bygone years. These stories varied widely with each talk with him -- how, as a Scout, he would walk from the Bronx to Camp Alpine in New Jersey ... or his life as a successful businessman ... or how Scouting changed throughout his lifetime.

Aside from his role as Troop 240's Chaplain, and spiritual voice, Ed best related to the Troop 240 Community one-on-one. My best remembrance of him was him taking aside someone, and helping them verbalize and hash out a problem they may have been having at the time. He was a listener, but someone who when he did speak, brought an insight that spoke volumes.

Once I witnessed two boys having a heated argument about whose religion was more valid. Most adults could have physically stopped the argument, but Ed had a wonderful talent in getting the youngsters to soul search their attitudes in order to arrive at the fact that religion often is a personal thing. He had a gift that could have rivaled Solomon. More than anything else, he helped develop a religious tolerance within everyone he knew. (Incidentally, the two boys mentioned above later on became Eagle Scouts, and developed into fine young men.)

Unlike many adult Scouters, who may stress the more physical and/or skill-related aspects of Scouting, to Ed Lehman, the central core -- the essence -- of Scouting was a greater appreciation of God, and how God's blessing-of-nature, and of life itself, should be treasured by all. After all, he would say, we are all children of one God.

Al Willen 


Whenever I walked into the meeting room, one of the first people who greeted me was Ed Lehman. He was always genuinely interested in myself, my family's activities and well-being, and always had a kind word to say. He was a wonderful person to be around, and was an inspiration to the Troop. Ed continually lent a helping hand, and provided good advice, especially in spiritual matters. He helped my son Jimmy write a moving, and meaningful American Flag Retirement Ceremony for his Eagle Project. I enjoyed Ed's company immensely, whether it was driving to Alpine with him, or just "hanging out." I will miss his presence in the Troop, will always remember him fondly, and thank God for having been blessed by knowing such a great soul.

Mary Ellen Willen 


As my son is a new member in the troop, my family and I did not know Chaplain Lehman very well. But I do remember being at an outing and how he welcomed us. I appreciated his leading of the prayers at the end of every outing.

My sincere sympathy to his family and friends.

Delores Jackson & family 


The life and times of Ed Lehman can best be summed up in the Yiddish word, MENSCH for he best exemplifies the meaning of that word. Ed was a man of peace and valor, a man of wit and wisdom, a man of warmth and compassion, a man of good deeds and good thoughts toward all. His intellect and charm will be missed by all.

Ed touched the lives of many including my family, especially my younger son, 1st class scout, Russell Lowe. Ed asked Russ to help him lead services. Ed was one of the leaders of Troop 240 who encouraged Russ to remain a scout. He was extremely supportive when Russ was "sowing his wild oats" and was not sure if he wanted to continue on in scouting.

Ed spoke with Russ and allowed him to make his own decision after he listened to Ed's advisement. Russ was so impressed with Ed's guidance and his encouragement that he chose to stay on in Troop 240, hoping to eventually achieve the coveted title of Eagle Scout.

We were very thankful and honored that Ed was able to do the traditional blessing over the challah at Russell's Bar Mitzvah this past May. It was a honor for all of us and was a moment that will long be remembered.

May Ed rest in peace.

Rita, Ed, Josh and Russ Lowe 


I would like to join the rest of the troop in honoring the memory of Chaplain Ed Lehman. Although I was sometimes not as much a part of the troops activities as I would like to have been, I was always welcomed by Mr. Lehman who was able to make the time to greet me and chat without reservation. As our friendship developed I knew Mr. Lehman was a fine, kind man with a great deal to offer the rest of us. In a short period of time I learned a great deal from him, heard many interesting stories, and understood what real courage is all about. I want to thank Chaplain Ed Lehman for all he stood for, and, who knows, maybe we will meet again some day.

Constantine (Gus) Andreadis

I remember Ed Lehman many, many years ago. I joined Troop 240 on April 2nd, 1976, and shortly afterwards I meet Ed. He was a good friend of Fred Jarecki, and Sam Finklestein. (I also loved Ed's wife, Faye, too.) I remember seeing them at TMR and other outings, as well as all the special events Troop 240 had. I am sorry he is gone. It is a big loss to Scouting.