Troop 240 has a long and proud history and has been chartered since 1920, the successor of an even earlier unit (Troop 2) that was founded in the first weeks of 1910 -- the year the Boy Scouts Of America began. The Troop offers a combination of outstanding program and character building, and we are firmly committed to a youth run troop that actively encourages scouts to develop and enhance their leadership skills. All of this is made possible by a coalition of highly trained, experienced adult leaders and the active participation of parents on the Troop's committee.


The Troop represents the rich cultural and racial diversity of the vibrant surrounding community, and in the teamwork that both the patrol method and an active committee engenders helps to forge bridges of understanding. We like to believe that the Troop offers the best of urban scouting in cosmopolitan New York City as well as an emphasis on the self-reliance that the traditional Scouting program of outdoor events and camping builds. Our program includes monthly excursions, hikes and/or overnights and a week long stay at Ten Mile River during the summer.


We believe in giving service to the Scouting and the wider community through a variety of projects. We've worked in Riverdale and surrounding communities and have a strong relationship with the New York City Department Of Parks. This is manifested in a number of ways -- Eagle Leadership Projects, Troop and individual service projects, conservation projects, and participation in the Order Of The Arrow. The Troop has had strong ties with Ranachqua Lodge #4, the Bronx Council's Order Of The Arrow Lodge. The Troop has instituted an award named in honor of our long time Scoutmaster, the Fred Jarecki Memorial Community Service Award, which is given annually to the Scout with the most service hours.


The Troop works very hard to insure that all scouts have the opportunity for individual advancement. To this end, in addition to the normal skills work that gets done by the Patrols and as a result of monthly program themes, the JASMs of the Troop have undertaken First Class Emphasis classes prior to each Troop meeting that are a year-round extension of the FCE program run at summer camp. Every basic rank (Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class) will be covered at minimum once during the Troop's program year.


The Troop is also committed in insuring that the Scouting Program is accessible for all boys. As already has been mentioned, the Troop's makeup is multiracial and multi-cultural. In addition to this, the Troop is very open and supportive of Scouting's policy concerning Scouts with Special Needs and Disabilities. We will never turn a boy away for reason of cultural, race, or special need.