Pelham Bay Park Historic Trail

The Pelham Bay Park Historical Trail is a National Council recognized trail operated by Ranachqua Lodge #4, Order of The Arrow, Bronx Council. It is located in the northeast Bronx in the area around Pelham Bay, on Long Island Sound. The trail was originally constructed in the early 1990's by David Malatzky, an ASM in Troop 164. The Arrowmen of Troop 240 and Troop 164 renovated the trail on behalf of the Camping Promotions Committee of the Lodge. The project was headed by David Dillon, the OA Troop Representative of Troop 240.

The main focus of the trail is the Revolutionary War battle of Pell's Point. On October 18, 1776, a combined British-Hessian force of 4,000 that landed at Turtle Cove under the command of General Sir William Howe. The British were attempting to cut off Washington's Army which was retreating north through the Bronx towards White Plains after a series of defeats in the Battles of Brooklyn Heights, Harlem Heights and Washington Heights. Howe sought to trap Washington's forces between his army and the British forces that were following the Revolutionaries up from Manhattan. Howe encountered a waiting American force of 750, including elements of the Marblehead Regiment under the command of Colonel John Glover. The series of holding actions staged by Col. Glover and his men along Split Rock Road allowed Washington time to complete his retreat. Had Glover not succeeded, the American Revolution could well have ended in the Bronx.

Map of Frogspoint to Croton River shewing the positions of the American and British armies from the 12th of October 1776 until the engagement on the White Plains on the 28th / by Samuel Lewis, 1776.

In addition to the Battle of Pell's Point, the trail offers many other historic, geological, and wildlife points of interest. The total trail, from the British landing site at Turtle Cove to the Colonial cemetery at St. Paul Church, which includes the graves of Hessian soldiers killed in the battle, is approximately 9 miles. The trail patch is available to those who complete the trail.

Maps of the Trail: