William Tauber

In loving memory of a great, and most honorable man

William Tauber
Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop Photographer

Dear Troop 240 Family,

As we mourn the passing of Mr. William (Bill) Tauber, it is appropriate to express what he meant to us, and to the Troop.

Bill was the longest serving Assistant Scoutmaster in the Troop's history, with over 50 years of service to the Troop. Pictures of him can be seen dating back to at least 1962. Bill believed very strongly in our youth, and of our responsibilities to them as mentors and role models. He was the person who recommended me to become Scoutmaster of Troop 240. For this, I am eternally grateful. Our friendship started early, and he supported and advised me from the first day I became Scoutmaster.

Coming from a Military background (he was an Army Lieutenant Colonel), Bill truly enjoyed seeing the Troop lined up and looking sharp. He was a prolific photographer, and hundreds of his photos can be seen on the Troop's Web Site. Bill also enjoyed telling his stories of the Troop's past, and of his Military career. They always brought a smile to whoever was listening.

Bill was always above all, a friend and mentor to me, and although I will miss him greatly, I am grateful for having known and learned from him. Rest in Peace Bill. Until we meet again.

Joseph Acquafredda 
Troop 240


I remember Bill as the sharp witted photographer for our Troop. That and his long years with the Troop and his infamous "WAT4" license plates will always remind me of his dedication and love of this Troop. Bill, I know you're in a better place. Rest well.
Ellen Beltran 

We have known Bill for many years and have been an ardent listener to his stories; awed by his colorful recollections of his service in the Armed Forces of our great country. Bill was a most caring person with a special emphasis on Scouting within Troop 240. His favorite pastime was to take pictures of the boys and leaders of his Troop. He will always be in our memories when we look at his masterful pictures. We were with him during his many years of suffering and now we wish that he rest in peace.
Andy & Eva Stratford 

I would say prior to 1981 when Bill was in good health, Bill used to take us out on his boat to go fishing. Naturally we always had a great time. Bill always made a contribution no matter how small or big.

May you rest in Peace
Eagle Scout #48
Mike Harrington 

I knew Bill Tauber for years, and always enjoyed his wit and counsel. After troop meetings, Bill used to leave early, and go to the Broadway Diner. I used to try to be the first one there, so I could be in a good position to hear his stories!
Rest in peace, Bill!
Fred Gervat 

I remember Bill Tauber as orchestrating our Friday evening pizza outings after the Troop meeting at Stella D'Oro, as well as his active involvement with many aspect of the Troop.
Eric Talb 

Bill Tauber is a special person who always put in 110% of his life into what he was doing. He loved kids, and Troop 240. I remember learning how to drive a boat while aboard his 52 foot cabin cruiser. We would practice rescue drills. Someone would throw a lifesaver overboard while another person would drive the boat, while a third person would "rescue" the lifesaver with a pole. I remember it was a lot of fun. As I was the Troop Historian (1979 to 1995), and also took alot of photos, Bill and I would often share each other's photos. The Boy Scouts have lost a truly good man. May he rest in peace. "Until we meet again."